Why Should YOU Attend the 16th World Guernsey Conference?

thumbnail_eP4ok7OmSJyGkeEXYJDk6w_thumb_426dBy John & Patty McMurray

You should attend the World Guernsey Conference because it will change your life.  You will meet people from other countries and learn about their lives, share ideas, talk cows, share your passions, hopes and fears, and make lifelong friends.  You will learn about yourself as you get to know others; and this year, you’ll learn more about the United States.  Your input can help steer the development of the Guernsey breed; and you are certain to learn from both the farm tours and the presentations at the conference.

The many reasons for and benefits of attending these conferences were recently best stated by our Australian friend Lyndon Cleggett in a letter published in the November Guernsey Breeders Journal.

“There are also a huge number of opportunities that can come out of a conference. Firstly, it is possibly the best holiday you don’t have to plan yourself. You get to see things you may have never thought you wanted to see, experience local culture and share it with a group of like-minded people that you will consider family by the end of the trip. And let’s not forget see some amazing Guernsey cows along the way. It can also open up avenues for future holidays and adventures.

These conferences are all about moving forward as a breed and planning for the future. As a global breed this is our opportunity to unite as a group and determine what we want our future to look like. Your input as Americans is essential in shaping this future. You have half of the world Guernsey population and are the largest contributor to Guernsey genetics worldwide. Therefore, the direction we are going in globally has the potential to have a huge impact in this country and so we need your input to make sure it is a direction that we all want to go in. It’s time to think globally and act locally.

I really encourage you to consider attending at least part of the tour, if not the entire trip. I am sure that there are many parts of the itinerary that you may never have explored, farms that you have never had the opportunity to see and people you haven’t seen in a long time. This is your chance to do this as well as show off your country to the rest of the Guernsey world.”

It has been 21 years since the U.S. last hosted the World Guernsey Conference.  It may be that long until we do so again.  Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in an outstanding worldwide event while helping to shape the future of our breed.