Bonnie Mohr’s “Future’s Promise” Sells to Support World Conference

Bonnie Mohr created “Future’s Promise” to commemorate the 16th World Guernsey Cattle Federation Conference hosted by the American Guernsey Association in 2019. This new painting and print was first released during the 2018 National Guernsey Convention in Iowa.

The net proceeds from all the sales will go toward costs of hosting the World Guernsey Conference. The AGA has exclusive rights to sell “Future’s Promise” merchandise through the AGA Convention in 2019.

Canvas Giclée Reproduction, 20″ X 24″ – $300

Signed & Numbered Artist Proof, 16″ X 20″ – $125

Signed & Numbered Print, 16″ X 20″ – $100

Print, 8″ X 10″ – $15

Note Cards, Pack of 10 – $12

Please contact American Guernsey Association, Monday – Friday at (614)864-2409 to purchase.