United States to Host 16th World Guernsey Conference

The United States of America will serve as the host of the 2019 World Guernsey Conference. The American Guernsey Association and its members are well underway planning a one of a kind conference with both pre and post conference tours being held throughout the country.
The pre-conference tour kicks off on May 21, 2019 in Houston Texas and then will begin the trek north taking guests to ST. Genetics, Billy Bob’s Honky Tonk, AT&T Stadium, Lavon Farms, National Cowboy Museum, Dix Lee Farm and so, so much more.
The 16th World Guernsey Conference will take place beginning on June 9, 2019 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where guests will be able to attend seminars, workshops, tours and learn about the AGA’s youth programs.
Following the conference, conference attendee’s are able to then travel north to New York State to tour Ripley Farms, Coon Bros. Farm, Del’s Dairy, West Point Military Academy and more!
Join us for what will be an unforgettable Guernsey experience.